Executive Profiles and Personal Branding

In 2010, I added Executive Profiles to my writing services.  An Executive Profile takes the standard résumé to a new level, becoming a personal marketing and branding brochure.

I’ve created dozens of profiles for all kinds of executives (IT, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Finance, COO, CFO, CEO) located all over the United States.

A good Executive Profile generally runs three to four pages and uses powerful, persuasive marketing copy.  It highlights specific career achievements with numbers and metrics wherever possible.  Here is a sample:




The first page gives a general description of capabilities with notable highlights or accomplishments.

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I usually include core competencies at the bottom of the first page.






The Overview section outlines key leadership and character qualities.








Select Accomplishments presents major achievements using numbers and metrics wherever possible.







The Select Accomplishments section continues in bullet form.









Career History lists your companies and positions in chronological order.  I usually go back as far at the mid-1980’s.








Here is an example of how I list Earlier Positions (before the mid-1980’s).

The last sections are Education, Military Service, Community Involvement, Professional Associations, Patents & Publications as required.

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