High-End Brochures

High-end brochures are really works of art. They are based on solid graphic design principles to create pages that are breath-taking in their visual appeal, enticing the reader to take a closer look and learn more.  The writing needs to include attention-catching headlines that lead to elegant, fast-paced prose that delivers the message in exactly the right level of detail.

The tone and feel of the piece need to convey a feeling of importance and superior quality, something that should definitely be examined. The copy I wrote for the brochure below achieves all of these objectives.

Who isn’t interested in money?  The graphic image of different currencies is eye-catching.

Most people are drawn to racing situations.  The headline captures attention.  Readers want to know who is in the race and what prize is being offered.

Readers  might also be asking themselves: Is this something I should be in? This fosters personal involvement.

The page layout is attractive, with plenty of color and white space so the eye can travel easily among elements.

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