Press Releases

Press releases are a great tools for getting publicity about your business or your career.  Years ago, hard copy press releases were mailed to news wire services, newspapers, magazines and industry organizations.

Today, press releases can be sent electronically through a variety of online services.   This makes for faster and wider distribution of the details of your newsworthy event or announcement.

Regardless of how you choose to distribute your press release, here are some basics:

  • Proper format is important (see the sample below)
  • Your topic needs to be timely and newsworthy
  • Press releases are always written in the third person
  • Contact information is vital

While press releases are short, they can be tricky.  They need to communicate effectively in an easy-to-read, engaging style.  I truly enjoy writing press releases and I’d love to become your best press release writing resource.  Here is a sample press release I wrote recently:


See the complete, full-size document

Your press release must start with the words “For Immediate Release”

Open with a short, catchy, descriptive headline.

Next, include a brief summary.

Begin the body of the press release with the city and date.

Keep paragraphs short and informative.   Your objective is to provide interesting details about a newsworthy event, hoping that a news editor will use your release in their publication or broadcast.

Be sure to include quotes to add life and drama.

Give some background material about the key players.

Provide a contact name if someone wants more information.






Include background that is specific to the company or organization involved.


Contact details go here.


End the press releases with ###

Older formats were usually double-spaced and the ### characters were centered.

Online formats are generally single-spaced with the ### characters left-justified as in this sample.

See the complete, full-size document