Here are some before and after images of web pages in my portfolio.


This site was created using a “no experience necessary” do-it-yourself editor.

Inserting images was nearly impossible, let alone adding a sidebar or additional mini-programs (called “plug-ins”) that do cool things like collect names for mailing lists or display random quotes.

Add video or audio?  Not on this page.





JPC Home Page (After)


This is the site redone using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS).  The sidebar has an Order button and a way to collect visitor information.

Notice the good use of keywords, color, graphics, white space and copy that creates a “hook” by appealing to visitors’ emotions.

Vive la différence!

Another sample follows.




mindbodyspiritbeforenew at 400


This page has competing headlines that distract the reader.  The body type is too large and chunky to be attractive or easily read.

There isn’t much about this page that is inviting or engaging.










Here is my revision.

It has attractive color, the elements are well balanced, the density of the copy is just right, bullet points are easy to read, the image adds visual appeal.

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