SEO Web Content

In a nutshell, a successful Search Engine Optimized (SEO) business website:

  • Maximizes search engine visibility
  • Is positioned so potential customers can find it
  • Captures and holds visitors’ attention
  • Communicates your intended message
  • Compels immediate action

This is true even if you do not sell products over the internet.

Creating a highly ranked website is the result of careful planning, skilled execution, persistent marketing and patience.  Because it takes time to build incoming traffic, you want to get your site up and working well as early as possible.

How do you create good SEO web content to help your site meet the above objectives?

1.  Maximize search engine visibility and accessibility to potential customers by doing thorough keyword research and strategically placing keyword phrases in headings, body copy, and “anchor text” on images and live links.  You’ll need to find a balance here; don’t sacrifice readability by stuffing keywords in places that don’t make sense.

2.  Post content that is interesting and informative.  Internet visitors have incredibly short attention spans.  Your content needs to grab their attention and hold it while delivering your message with cool efficiency.

3.  The page layout needs to have short blocks of text, attractive colors, interesting graphics and lots of white space.  In addition to miniscule attention spans, most internet visitors are put off by paragraphs that are more than a few lines long.

4.  Stress the benefits of your product or service.  Your readers want to know what’s in it for them.

4.  Place a “call to action” on every appropriate page.  What do you want your visitor to do?  Don’t leave it up to them to decide; give them specific directions.

5.  Create a sense of urgency.  Great copy can appeal to readers’ emotions and get them wanting those juicy benefits so badly they feel compelled to ACT NOW!

See before and after web page samples.

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